Ground Protection

Ground Protection is an essential aspect for the construction, civil engineering and ground work industries for minimizing environmental damage and providing safe working road ways. East Cork Crane Hire have two types of ground protection solutions available, Ground Mats and EKKI Mats. Both are ruggedly designed for fast and effective use. A wide range of connection options are available for long term deployment and demanding applications such as steep or sloping terrain or very heavy or tracked plant.

Ground Mats – Versatile Ground Protection

Ground Mats, the latest innovation for temporary ground protection and access over soft or sensitive ground. Our ground mats can support up to 60 tonnes and are available for fast deployment all over Ireland.Ground Mats for ground protection and poor terrain.


  • Easy to install ground protection
  • Light enough for manual handling and installation
  • 2.4 metres long X 1.2 metres wide and 14mm thick
  • Fast temporary access, working areas and trackways
  • Low transport and handling costs
  • No ground preparation required
  • Strong yet flexible to follow contours of the underlying surface
  • Range of connection options for different terrain and equipment
  • Avoid property, heritage and environmental damage
  • Avoid health and safety issues caused by poor ground and working conditions

Our mats are light enough for two men to handle, prevent vehicles getting bogged down and significantly reduce damage to ground, including heritage and eco-sensitive areas, avoiding the need for reinstatement. The unique ‘mud dispersing’ chevron grip-surface is seen as the most effective in the market and is ideal when the weather or ground conditions deteriorate.

EKKI Mats Provide Heavy Duty Ground ProtectionEKKI Mats – Heavy Duty Ground Protection

Our Hardwood Ground Mats, called EKKI Mats, can be used in situations where ground conditions are poor to provide additional support and decrease surface pressure of heavy loads. These mats can be used to form temporary road surfaces for heavy vehicles for access over poor boggy ground conditions, challenging terrain , or to protect hard standing surfaces and underground services. Manufactured from hardwood and tropical timbers our Hardwood Ground Mats are both strong and durable, and can cope with the most demanding jobs.

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